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The cleaners failed to show up this morning, but I did get 75% of the dishes done, and the rest can get done tonight. Plus, I sorted some mail, threw away a bunch of trash and continued my scheme to clean out the house.

I've invited a slew of Angelenos (who are in town. If you're here and I've missed you, it's not deliberate! C'mon over) for cocktails tomorrow night (hopefully the cleaners will come tomorrow morning as promised). I will provide booze and some light snacks, and all I ask in return is that they pick a doorprize of junk to haul away with them. I don't care what happens after it leaves my house, as long as it leaves.

I was going to have people bring their own glasses, but that sounded... complicated.

Also, be on the lookout for the launch of Crappy Breakup Poetry.

Inspired by a discussion this weekend at writer's group, and the grudging admission that nearly ALL of us have written crappy break up poetry and/or song-lyrics, my group has started a site. It will be open for submission via e-mail very, very soon! Here's a chance to actually do something with that old, old heartbreak. Put it up on the internet for fun and very little profit! Purge your old demons for all the world to see:)

Pseudonyms are welcome, but we will expect at least a one line description of the person or relationship the poem is aimed at!

In the meantime, any web designers out there interested in doing a very simple design for very little or very cheap? I can pay in trade!!! We are a barter economy these days.


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