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So, how is it that no one told me Casting Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy for those who care )

ION, I am so tired I lack the words to truly describe my exhaustion. My big show is next weekend, which is terrifying enough, but I'm worried about the dance I choreographed, plus the dancers performing in it. I think the whole piece is harder than I thought, and I've been trying to both choreograph and dance and so I fuck up the steps every once in awhile while trying to figure out what the other dancers are doing.

I'm also sort of swoony over the Quantum of Solace trailer. I don't... it's been a long time since I felt positively swoony over an actor, but Daniel Craig's Bond gets me ridiculously hot. So weird, I've never had a thing for blonds before. I mean,yes, I adore surfers, but mostly for the lushness of them, the way they're kind of gangly and well-shaped and have no modesty and are all bleached out and technicolored at the same time from sand and sea and salt and sun (and I mentioned the no modesty and the changing their clothes in front of their cars thing, right?), and how stunning it is to watch them be fearless against the ocean, that cocky confidence even when they get trounced by the waves.

And Daniel Craig as Bond is none of those things, but still has the raggedly beautiful intensity, that compact grace and effortlessness, that potential for both violence and ease that is just ridiculously hot.

So, for a lazy friday afternoon, I offer two challenges.

1) Your inappropriate (or entirely APPROPRIATE) media crush. Let's celebrate him/her/them. Feel free to post pics, drabbles, links, gushing descriptions.


2) Each other. My adorable [ profile] life_on_queen provided me with the tools to enjoy her current obsession as well as feeding our mutual surfing obsession and it reminds me of how very much I adore her. So, I offer up a place to hold a love fest. Post your name, and then swing on by and get some "I adore you becauses" from me (if I know you) and from others if I don't. It's been one of those weeks where we could all use a little boost of "you're fabulous because".


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