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Oh god, I'm so going to throw up. I should have just paid this ridiculous, exorbitant extortionist missive from the traffic police. The official authorities and I just are not a good mix. I'd have gotten kicked out of the FBI so fast. Hangs head. My mother sent me this though:

I just wanted to wish you well and hang in there. Be strong and eloquent like you always are tonight. Best of luck.

Such a good mom!

As a result of my panic, I've been irrationally cranky at the internets and the fannish mob for not providing me the level of entertainment that I'm currently desperate for. Fannish mob, why you not so willing to do my bidding? However, skimming friendsfriends, I saw someone who was using a Bento Box for her lunch, and I love that idea (particularly after her mom got my godchild a "My Neighbor Totoro" bento). I think I need one for my lunch (and someone to make me beautiful little things to eat to put into said box). And perhaps one for my mother as well.

Finally, in the cranky files, while I appreciate the talent and skills to do photo manips, and while I appreciate that everyone's got an OTP, folks you are killing me with the icons of Sam photoshopped into FS stills. I just... I know what that picture should look like, and it is irrationally annoying to me that it's not right. That it's not the right show, the right boy, the right girl, particularly in certain iconic shots. You wanna use the pretty of John Crichton to pair him up with Carter, I can dig it, but use something less... cannonically important to the original story. And thus we have my batshit insane response to harmless fannish activity for the day.

Oy, shoulda just paid the ticket.


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