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2007-04-09 02:26 pm

What is it about assholes? And Entourage.

That is definitely meant in the metaphorical sense. I say this because this is fandom, and really, a literal interpretation is not what I'm after.

I've long acknowledged a fannish love of the cranky, but I find there's a definite difference between cranky, or just assholish and assholish with justification. And weirdly, I dislike the latter but sort of adore the former.

For evidence see, most recently, the fact that I SHOULD NOT BE ROOTING FOR ARI GOLD!! I should not. Ari deserves to have the disasters befall him because he brings them on. And yet I love him and want success and happiness. Spoilers for New Entourage )

This is why I rooted for Vegeta (see M's long and unfortunate Dragon Ball Z phase). And early season Spike. And grumpy Angel. And D'Argo (when he was cranky, because if you had to live with John Crichton, I imagine you'd be cranky too. See also Pilot, and Aeryn and all of Crichton's shipmates). And others of the cranky variety. And I think it's because there's no justification for the behavior. We, the audience, know it's unacceptable. The other characters know it's unacceptable, and unlike with the cranky genius trope, no one offers excuses for it!! I pretty much love that.

And in conclusion, Reunion PROMPTS!!!