Apr. 9th, 2007

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I had a lovely, low key weekend complete with fabulous people, not quite enough sleep, and martinis.

This American Life did an episode on work this week, which was funny and insightful as always and featured the fabulous John Hodgeman (the PC, among other things, from the Mac/PC commercials). But it also began with a segment on astronauts, and how cool that concept is as a job, and how a lot of it is meetings and bureacracy and how they have to fill out travel vouchers as government employees and so when they go into space, they have to write "Government Air" on their vouchers, which I find so much funnier than I probably should. And the irony that some of the astronauts have not yet been to space, and may not go to space in their careers, and that their solution, in the words of one of the astronauts was to "watch a lot of sci fi. We watch a lot of Battlestar Galactica and Farscape."

Loves on poor grounded astronauts with a sense of humor and government req forms, and how cool and weird would it be to be watch television and say, legitimately, "Oh, space travel is nothing like that." And be right. And also, to say, "It's not rocket science!" when it is, and still crack up like big giant spacefaring dorks:)

I am also still taking prompts for the Reunion Drabble Challenge Ficathon until tonight when I'll have time to compile the fabulous prompts and post the challenge officially. Time's awasting folks. Send me your prompts!

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That is definitely meant in the metaphorical sense. I say this because this is fandom, and really, a literal interpretation is not what I'm after.

I've long acknowledged a fannish love of the cranky, but I find there's a definite difference between cranky, or just assholish and assholish with justification. And weirdly, I dislike the latter but sort of adore the former.

For evidence see, most recently, the fact that I SHOULD NOT BE ROOTING FOR ARI GOLD!! I should not. Ari deserves to have the disasters befall him because he brings them on. And yet I love him and want success and happiness. Spoilers for New Entourage )

This is why I rooted for Vegeta (see M's long and unfortunate Dragon Ball Z phase). And early season Spike. And grumpy Angel. And D'Argo (when he was cranky, because if you had to live with John Crichton, I imagine you'd be cranky too. See also Pilot, and Aeryn and all of Crichton's shipmates). And others of the cranky variety. And I think it's because there's no justification for the behavior. We, the audience, know it's unacceptable. The other characters know it's unacceptable, and unlike with the cranky genius trope, no one offers excuses for it!! I pretty much love that.

And in conclusion, Reunion PROMPTS!!!
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In another effort to indulge my own wants, as well as spread joy through fandom (hee - like Cinderella, but without the housecleaning or the singing animals), I present to all and sundry the Cross Fandom Drabble Fic Reunion Challenge. (With props to, I believe, [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis , for the format taken directly from her Porn Battle and the ficathons that have been influenced thusly).

Here are the rules:

Write a reunion. That's it. That's all there is.

It can be a reunion specific to the characters in one fandom. It can be a crossover in whatever fandoms you elect to write about.

It can be drabble length. It can be story length.

All it MUST feature is a reunion.

The challenge will run until April 22. (Earth Day and my mother's birthday, which will make it easier to remember). Every few days I will post something linking to the drabbles that have been posted, so here's the other part of the rule section. At the end, I will post a master list of drabbles and stories.

Please post in the following format:
Fandom and Prompt (if applicable):
LJ Name:
Rating (if NC-17):
Spoilers: (For anything not aired in the US. Just a polite warning would be fine).

If your story exceeds more than a comment post or two, please post in your own LJ and then paste the link here. It would be much appreciated.

And to help the cause, a variety of lovely people have provided a variety of lovely prompts, most of which make me giddy just to think about. Please feel free to use the prompts, but there's nothing that says you can't use your own prompt. ALL FANDOMS are fair game, even if you don't see them listed. (Keep in mind that there may be spoilers for Farscape eps in the prompts. But folks, if you're coming to this LJ and you haven't seen Farscape, put down the keyboard, and for all that is holy, go put it on your Netflix cue before you come back:) Nothing should be terribly spoilery though.

Prompts )

ETA: Now with Crossover Madness added, because I woke up realizing I'd neglected to post those prompts. Crossover madness is HIGHLY encouraged!
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I have no idea where the "poetry" is coming from. I do beg the indulgence of the flist for me posting it. Mostly, I'm astonished.

Prufrock Should Have Lived In California in the Spring. Or Why Citrus Is Better. )


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