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2007-04-23 10:02 pm

Reunion Drabble Challenge 2007 Index

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated! There's not a single story in here that I don't adore, and I'm so please you all participated.

Second, while I'll no longer mod these, please feel free to take any of the prompts and run with them. If you want to drop by with a link, there's no harm in doing that either. I may still take my inspiration from some of these.

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2007-04-20 02:00 pm

Things I Have Learned, Vol. 297

1. A decision made at 1:00 a.m., after exposure to vodka, is clearly suspect. Particularly when it involves cocktail sauce that claims to have expired in October 2005. In my defense, I tasted it first. And in my second defense, I think it was the shrimp that made me queasy and not the questionable cocktail sauce. However, as M. suggested, perhaps I should be more diligent about throwing away our condiments.

2. I love Earl Hickey. But really, I knew that already. However, last night's Earl was crass and fabulous and while I have no love for Norm MacDonald ( coming from the early 90's school of smirk as comedy), he does a fantastic Burt Reynolds impression. Plus, they broke Little Chubby's Lil' Chubbies.

3. The reunion drabbles are as marvelous as I anticipated. Go feed the writers, or write one yourself! There's still time. I will be posting the masterlist on Sunday night.

4. The crossover I'm writing hit a wall, and then, with careful consideration and much fic reading, drilled a whole through that fucking wall and I now know how to fix it. Glory, and hallelujah and pass the shrimp.

5. Ari Gold has a conscience! Yeah Ari, I'm so very proud. "I'm a civilian. No touching!" Also, love you, Lloyd and I hope you find someone to love this season. Regardless, that was a seriously ugly shirt.

6. While I adore Teal'c/Cam/Vala, I have fallen inexplicably in lust with Daniel/Vala/Cam. This is not a surprise. Still, I blame [ profile] minervacat. Who, btw, has a new SG-1 story with her OC viewer which is as lovely and marvelous as all Min's stuff, and gives me giddy glee because Claire was a librarian at my college:)

7. M. thinks I'm translating him into my novel. He does not seem to realize that when he says, "I know you write about me," that he's a character in a work of non-fiction. Because really, who'd make up a character that wants his ass grabbed after the 7th shot of vodka? Every single time with the ass-grabbing. I'm supposed to be explaining to him how his ass can get better. Dude, the boy's watched every single episode of Farscape with me, and paused it for me appropriately. He's watched Escape from New York with me, and been schooled in how I discovered sex-appeal in the form of Kurt Russel's oh so tight Levi-covered ass. What more does he need?

8. I have actual, real, serious academic thoughts on twins and mirrors and how media uses this concept and what the fuck I'm going to do with them I have no earthly idea. I also have to figure out how to subtly suggest in this Xover that Vala would be more freaked out to see a clone of herself that wasn't really a clone, but someone else than Aeryn would. (Because Aeryn was part of a collective, fought against unique, while Vala is a literal representation of being her own frelling person thank you very much, but that's hard to do with body language and terse exchanges).
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2007-04-18 12:46 pm

This Is The Way to Grandmother's House, SG-1 Post-S10

Reunion Fic Drabble

Fandom: SG-1, post-S10. No real spoilers though.
Title: This Is The Way to Grandmother's House
Author: Thea
Prompt: Cam & Vala, Fancy meeting you here.
Rating: G

This is the Way to Grandmother's House )
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2007-04-17 01:41 pm

Volo Volare

Written for the Reunion Drabblethon

Fandom and Prompt (if applicable):Farscape, Aeryn & Prowler, adjusting the straps
Title: Volare
Author: Thea
LJ Name: [ profile] thassalia
Spoilers: Spoilers through Terra Firma

Volare )
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2007-04-16 02:03 pm

Thank you & Flailing

To begin, Reunions!!!!. Y'all are done with Remix, revel in some reunions:)

Taxes continue to be a plague upon my soul. Someone as much in favor of a society paying for itself should no be so bloody confounded by the system in which that occurs. TurboTax, savior of my sanity for the past two years, is suddenly 800 TIMES more confusing than taxation on its own. My business makes me very little money compared to what I spend running said business. (And because we're lazy, my primary client didn't give me a 1099. Yet I want to report my income, except for the fact that there's no place to do so and an audit would make my insane. Let me repeat, I want to write down on a government form that people gave me money and yes please tax me on this money and yet there is no clear opportunity to do so, even though I could take a deduction for my friggin vehicle registration.)

Y'all made me cry as well, for your responses to this post. I really love you guys.

I have yet to rewatch The Quest, Pt. II, in part because I'm in seasonal giddy Farscape mode and SG-1 doesn't quite fit the bill. That being said, I do remember enjoying this ep thoroughly. It's well-paced, engaging, and features solid, affecting performances. And hee. Darryl. I should watch it so I can get re-energized on CROSSOVER of EVOL and finish that. (The concept is not evil, but the delay in finishing is starting to piss me off).

I am pretty sure that the miniseries of The Stand is a travesty. Actually, I know it is. And yet, I feel strongly that the book could make a fantastic movie. But that? Is not a good predictor of such.

For those keeping score at home, it's Brutus the Eel- 5, Fishy Friends and Food - 1.

And finally, I acquired (by virtue of my Discover card and the dude at the Apple store) a new battery for the iBook. Life is much better today than it was yesterday when I couldn't unplug the laptop even to move it. Inspired by my joy, the cat decided the powercord was a toy. The screech of OMG Get the Fuck AWAY was heard round the world.
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2007-04-09 11:34 pm

Reunion Fic Drabble Challenge 2007

In another effort to indulge my own wants, as well as spread joy through fandom (hee - like Cinderella, but without the housecleaning or the singing animals), I present to all and sundry the Cross Fandom Drabble Fic Reunion Challenge. (With props to, I believe, [ profile] oxoniensis , for the format taken directly from her Porn Battle and the ficathons that have been influenced thusly).

Here are the rules:

Write a reunion. That's it. That's all there is.

It can be a reunion specific to the characters in one fandom. It can be a crossover in whatever fandoms you elect to write about.

It can be drabble length. It can be story length.

All it MUST feature is a reunion.

The challenge will run until April 22. (Earth Day and my mother's birthday, which will make it easier to remember). Every few days I will post something linking to the drabbles that have been posted, so here's the other part of the rule section. At the end, I will post a master list of drabbles and stories.

Please post in the following format:
Fandom and Prompt (if applicable):
LJ Name:
Rating (if NC-17):
Spoilers: (For anything not aired in the US. Just a polite warning would be fine).

If your story exceeds more than a comment post or two, please post in your own LJ and then paste the link here. It would be much appreciated.

And to help the cause, a variety of lovely people have provided a variety of lovely prompts, most of which make me giddy just to think about. Please feel free to use the prompts, but there's nothing that says you can't use your own prompt. ALL FANDOMS are fair game, even if you don't see them listed. (Keep in mind that there may be spoilers for Farscape eps in the prompts. But folks, if you're coming to this LJ and you haven't seen Farscape, put down the keyboard, and for all that is holy, go put it on your Netflix cue before you come back:) Nothing should be terribly spoilery though.

Prompts )

ETA: Now with Crossover Madness added, because I woke up realizing I'd neglected to post those prompts. Crossover madness is HIGHLY encouraged!