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itsallovernow ([personal profile] itsallovernow) wrote2014-02-10 03:07 pm

Winter's Tale

I...there aren't really adequate words for me to express how I feel about this movie even being a movie, let alone this sort of lush romanticism that's getting sprinkled around it like it's this sappy, genial period piece of a thing. And maybe the movie will be, but... I LOVE this book. I love it's excesses and time travel and over-writing and philosophizing and WINTER. I love all of it's wonderful, bruising absurdity, and love, and epicness and I cannot on any level imagine what persuaded them to try and film it when the wonder of it is getting lost in the chill, snowy paradise of fin-de-siecle New York and a new age that doesn't exist.

So, I will undoubtedly force M. to go see it with me because I lack all willpower and because while he is fair too tall, there's something insane enough in Russell Crowe's face that he will make a fine Pearly Soames.

So, thoughts? Other fans of this book? Are you going to go see it? Are you dreading it? Excited? Both?

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