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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First, I apologize for failing to put my LJ address on my submission. In my defense, I was fast running out of minutes to still sign up and hadn't really considered what to ask for! Still, that doesn't much help you. So, I'd like to thank you in advance for the gift. Yuletide is mostly the only fannish thing I still participate in, but I love it, and I feel like my own participation is my yearly tithe to fandom, which I still very much love, and which has given me so much.

So, the things I love - generalized - because I honestly don't remember all of what I request for Yuletide (so above).

a) stories about young women being bad ass (intellectually, emotionally, physically, quietly) and any combination thereof. I know I requested The Westing Game. If that's what you're writing about, I very much love Turtle, Angela, and the friends/family they created and have. I seriously have no problem with any story ideas, but I'm a fan of holiday stories, so feel free to write about an extended Wexler holiday.

b) reworkings, retellings, remixing - I know there's a fairytale in there. I'd love to see a modern take on it.

c) fun, romping, kissing, growing up, solving mysteries, out-smarting, competence, banter, angst, and puzzles are all fair game

Things I don't love:
character death, angst for the sake of angst, infantilization of grown-ass characters, character assassination in general. I'm not much of a slash fan for the sake of it, but I have no objection to it if that's your bag and you can make me believe that these characters really dig each other.

Basically, I'm a big fan of story and story telling and I'm truly grateful for whatever Yuletide gift I receive!

Thank you in advance!
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So, mostly on Veteran's Day I did nothing but watch TV on the computer. Oh sure, I ran and I excavated my floor and bagged up 30 pairs of shoes to give away - still leaving me with an obscene amount of shoes. And there may have been some mistiness over the shoes - the black boots I bought in Athens; the orange platform boots I bought in Denmark and hauled all over Europe, leaving other shoes in my wake; the shoes I wore to my best friend's wedding; the pair of strappy sandals I bought in college as a reward for finishing my first field work paper; my vinyl gogo boots; my silver patent leather sandals I wore to go dancing one night and kept on for nearly 24 more hours.

Sometimes, it's so hard to let go. And now, these and more are in bags right outside my room, threatening to come back in and take over again, but I'm gonna be strong.

Also of note, do not necessarily decide to repair costumes/clothes in your bed if you're easily distracted. I'd opened a packet of needles and some of them escaped without my knowledge and every night for the past two weeks I've found one...poking me!

I have signed up for [ profile] yuletide, and received my assignment and think it's going to be cool. But I may ask for some help on this one, to bounce some ideas around.

And in that vein, Dear Yuletide writer for me:Here's the little I've got to say )

I also realized that I got overwhelmed by the number of small fandoms and missed signing up for a slew of them that I could have written, including Rome. Oh well!

Finally, in an attempt to get out and be culturally relevant, I saw Let the Right One In on Monday night. Swedish vampires/coming of age= equals moody and dreamy and creepy and sort of...sweet and depressing in a way that you'd expect. Definitely recommended.

Plus, Quantum of Solace on Friday. Oh yeah, who wants to write me some hot instaBond fic to tide me over? C'mon, you know you wanna? How 'bout some hot James Bond/whatever the hell Lucius Vorenus' name is on Grey's Anatomy is fic? How is that not a challenge you people want to take up?!?!


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