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* Yesterday's workday shall not be mentioned, or hopefully, repeated. The cyclical nature of this industry means that mistakes tend to coalesce all at once, biting you repeatedly on the ass until you just want to offer up your throat and say, "End it."

I compensated with a nap, a bath, a glass of wine, and "Gilmore Girls." Which was charming, and made me miss it terribly, and still sort of hate the middle of this season. Then I went to rehearsal, and there was no screaming, but I find that blank cow look that some of my dancers get because they cannot remember the step we just frelling did to be more than a little frustrating. Still. There was no yelling.

* I have never seen the "Prometheus Unbound" from SG-1 S8, and would sort of like to for the story I'm writing for my Sweet Charity winner. Anyone able to point me to an ahem of any sort? Particularly an avi or zipped ahem. Or, at the very least, a transcript?

Semi-rant about girls. And fandom. Stop me if you've heard this before. )

* And finally, on a random note, [ profile] minervacat mentioned a desire to write about the other DRD's that Crichton programmed to play music, and I offered the following:

"The Nutcracker Suite, because he misses Christmas, clearly. And some Rachmaninoff because you know that he's already blown stuff up and was dying for a soundtrack. And I bet he also taught them some Skynyrd, so you know somewhere running amok is the poor lonesome DRD playing Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama, while John sits on the floor, drunk on homemade moonshine, waving his lighter."

Except the more I think about it, I feel like I stole the Skyard thing (possibly from [ profile] rubberneck which would not be a surprise to me:)

So, other potential musical options? A little Don Ho? I can see a ukelele theme'd DRD complete with tiny bubbles coming out of one of its implements.


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