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Okay, the Summer Flingathon is open for business. Feel free to grab any of these prompts, or, if you've got your own prompt circling around, feel free to post in the comments or link to it in your own LJ!

Have fun, play nice, and remember, it'll run until the end of July!!

Please post as follows:
Rating (if applicable):
Prompt (if applicable):

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Jul. 1st, 2008 11:57 am
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First and foremost, keep the prompts a-coming. We've got some terrific one's so far. Go HERE to check them out and add your own.

Second, did you know you could send your name to the moon? The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking care of it. You even get a certificate. Yes, it's dorky. Dorkier still is that I'm having several branches of NASA sent me Twitter updates.

Did 30 minutes of run/walking intervals today and nearly died. Seriously, aside from having way less pain than the 7 miles on Saturday, this was way harder. (I walked on Sunday as well, but only for 40 minutes or so). Thoughts? I know it's hot, and I was a little under the weather last night, but still!

Also, [ profile] boofadil, thanks for the hot tip! It was the perfect solution.

Finished What Was Lost last night. I'm still...uncertain if it lived up to either the hype or the set up of the first part. It was neatly plotted, and truly affecting, but somehow it wasn't...substantial enough. It was like tiny glimpses into this world when I wanted something meaty.

Finally, I have signed up to do a 10K on Friday. Which is patently absurd as most people will be running and I will mostly be walking, but I want to see what it feels like to be in a race, and be behind everyone. See if I can find my zen like I did on Saturday, or if it's just way overwhelming.
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In the interest of staving off the heat, and potential boredom, while many of you are in the midst of either completing big Ficathons, or waiting for said stories to be freed into the wild, I present to you the Summer Fling '08 Promptathon.

From now until July 7th, I'll be accepting prompts in any fandom. The only thematic element is "summer fling", so it can be crossoverish, it can be buddy fic, it can be gen, het, slash, any comb in between. I will say that the response needs to be a 200 word minimum (but I'm willing to wave that for a kick ass drabble. Actually, I'm willing to wave that for just about any effort put in).

It might be fun to focus on Summer fandoms(Burn Notice, anyone?or Ironman?)(hiatus fandoms count too - Sarah Connor folks, I'm lookin' at you), but everyone is welcome!

On the 8th, I'll open it up for people to take those prompts and run with them, and post the results, or a link here. The Promptathon will close July 30th.

I will start posting prompts tomorrow so y'all can get a headstart!

So, sit back, grab your cooling summer beverage of choice, and pony on up!

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