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Very little of significance to report, except for the conflusion of frantic and bored out of my skull at work. Unsurprisingly, the two events are often simultaneous.

Entertainment would be welcome, as always.

I watched "Stick It" the other night (yeah cable), which is not a very good movie, but has Jeff Bridges, whom I have an unhealthy adoration of and not just because he was The Dude (and I was weirdly disturbed by the amount of sexual chemistry between him and the supposedly 18 year old gymnast, because while I still find him kind of hot, he's 100 years old.) However, what struck me about his absurd movie is that, at the end, I got weepy (as I'm want to do with any sports movie) as these girls stuck up for each other, as they took their snark and bite, and were utterly kind to each other.

It's the same reason that "The Prom" makes me weepy in a way that no other Buffy episode did, that look Giles has on his face when he talks about the kindness of children. There's something remarkable about acknowledging that. I'm trying to think of other instances when we see something like that, an act of pure kindness, of recognition that comes from no where, or comes unexpectedly. Hmmm.

M. has discovered that even more fun than harassing me about snakes is to mention the idea of teeth growing out of someone's nose (it's a long story, and does not reflect well on either of us) and the concept makes me freak completely, like visceral skin crawling off my body, shuddery shreiking freak out. It's irrational, I know, but still. Teeth in your nose!!! How is that not horrifying!
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1. A decision made at 1:00 a.m., after exposure to vodka, is clearly suspect. Particularly when it involves cocktail sauce that claims to have expired in October 2005. In my defense, I tasted it first. And in my second defense, I think it was the shrimp that made me queasy and not the questionable cocktail sauce. However, as M. suggested, perhaps I should be more diligent about throwing away our condiments.

2. I love Earl Hickey. But really, I knew that already. However, last night's Earl was crass and fabulous and while I have no love for Norm MacDonald ( coming from the early 90's school of smirk as comedy), he does a fantastic Burt Reynolds impression. Plus, they broke Little Chubby's Lil' Chubbies.

3. The reunion drabbles are as marvelous as I anticipated. Go feed the writers, or write one yourself! There's still time. I will be posting the masterlist on Sunday night.

4. The crossover I'm writing hit a wall, and then, with careful consideration and much fic reading, drilled a whole through that fucking wall and I now know how to fix it. Glory, and hallelujah and pass the shrimp.

5. Ari Gold has a conscience! Yeah Ari, I'm so very proud. "I'm a civilian. No touching!" Also, love you, Lloyd and I hope you find someone to love this season. Regardless, that was a seriously ugly shirt.

6. While I adore Teal'c/Cam/Vala, I have fallen inexplicably in lust with Daniel/Vala/Cam. This is not a surprise. Still, I blame [ profile] minervacat. Who, btw, has a new SG-1 story with her OC viewer which is as lovely and marvelous as all Min's stuff, and gives me giddy glee because Claire was a librarian at my college:)

7. M. thinks I'm translating him into my novel. He does not seem to realize that when he says, "I know you write about me," that he's a character in a work of non-fiction. Because really, who'd make up a character that wants his ass grabbed after the 7th shot of vodka? Every single time with the ass-grabbing. I'm supposed to be explaining to him how his ass can get better. Dude, the boy's watched every single episode of Farscape with me, and paused it for me appropriately. He's watched Escape from New York with me, and been schooled in how I discovered sex-appeal in the form of Kurt Russel's oh so tight Levi-covered ass. What more does he need?

8. I have actual, real, serious academic thoughts on twins and mirrors and how media uses this concept and what the fuck I'm going to do with them I have no earthly idea. I also have to figure out how to subtly suggest in this Xover that Vala would be more freaked out to see a clone of herself that wasn't really a clone, but someone else than Aeryn would. (Because Aeryn was part of a collective, fought against unique, while Vala is a literal representation of being her own frelling person thank you very much, but that's hard to do with body language and terse exchanges).


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