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1. Somehow, I missed that today is [ profile] rubberneck's birthday. Fortunately, the internet reminded me!! Feldman - you know you're one of my favorite people in the world - for your wit, your writing, your wry take on the things around you, and the way that you're weathering your currently rocky waters. I love you dearly and hope that this upcoming year is fabulous for you and yours.

2. The Five Things Meme is resurfacing. If y'all have got requests, today's the day for them. I'm in the about to be swamped, but am not quite in enough of a lull to work on a full story place at work. I crave the distraction.

3. In conclusion, Reunion Fic Challenge"!!! Because seriously? No one wants me to try and answer all of those myself:)

(It shouldn't really be conclusioning, I should be mentioning all of the TV I want to watch - Like S2 of Life on Mars, and S3 of Dr. Who, and all of Friday Night Lights. But there's only limited pleasure in mentioning what you want, as opposed to what you can do. But at least one of those things is a distinct possibility, thanks to the fabulousness of [ profile] lizlet. Has dreamy Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt dreams.)

(I also have thinky thoughts on why I will let myself get to a spot creatively, and then flounder there - whether it's dance, or writing, or painting, or music. Why I'm content, for a time, to be good and not great, and how that turns into self-recrimination when it should really turn into a struggle to thrive and grow. I wish I thought it were simple laziness. And it's not, and I'm not even sure that would be an easier answer.)
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I had a lovely, low key weekend complete with fabulous people, not quite enough sleep, and martinis.

This American Life did an episode on work this week, which was funny and insightful as always and featured the fabulous John Hodgeman (the PC, among other things, from the Mac/PC commercials). But it also began with a segment on astronauts, and how cool that concept is as a job, and how a lot of it is meetings and bureacracy and how they have to fill out travel vouchers as government employees and so when they go into space, they have to write "Government Air" on their vouchers, which I find so much funnier than I probably should. And the irony that some of the astronauts have not yet been to space, and may not go to space in their careers, and that their solution, in the words of one of the astronauts was to "watch a lot of sci fi. We watch a lot of Battlestar Galactica and Farscape."

Loves on poor grounded astronauts with a sense of humor and government req forms, and how cool and weird would it be to be watch television and say, legitimately, "Oh, space travel is nothing like that." And be right. And also, to say, "It's not rocket science!" when it is, and still crack up like big giant spacefaring dorks:)

I am also still taking prompts for the Reunion Drabble Challenge Ficathon until tonight when I'll have time to compile the fabulous prompts and post the challenge officially. Time's awasting folks. Send me your prompts!

Thoughts on maturity and obligation - mine and the imaginary peoples )


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