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Our household is still hot water free. (Amazingly enough, this is not our fault. I know, I know, crazy!!) Our hot water heater is apparently going, and the landlord came and pressed a button and the water got lukewarm and then didn't and so now he's back. (Our landlord is utterly incompetent, so I have little hope for a solution that isn't a new water heater.) That being said, I'd really like to wash my hair in the near future because I can deal with the cold water for body cleanliness, but I've got too much hair for that adventure (and the shower I had on Saturday, when we discovered this little adventure was enough cold water, plus shampoo, plus inevitability of cold water plus warm head to last me a lifetime).

In fannish matters, can someone explain to me why there are marines running around the SGC? Or are they not really marines, and those are just in Atlantis? Who'd follow "guests" around and make sure they didn't get into trouble?

Also, both [ profile] hossgal and [ profile] synecdochic have some interesting fannish meta and reflection (and possibly not in the way you think) going on. And for me, what I've learned from fandom is that fans are no crazier than the rest of the population, their focus is just narrower (because we can only interact based on that focus, that's what we've got to measure and judge on).

Things I've Learned from Fandom )

To conclude, despite the fact that I've got a floundering NIP, a 40 page half finished crossover, and my cracked out Sweet Charity fic in progress, I'll happily do the following meme if anyone wants to play:

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.


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