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1. Someday I will learn moderation and remember that not everything has to be done at once. For instance, I do not actually need to go out with a different internet boy every night to test drive them like a new car. The inevitable end result is that I'm not interested in them, or boys in general. Five internet dates in a week, two of whom are all gooey about me (Boy #1 - church going and ex-Navy: acceptable if not complementary to my habits, has Dave Matthews unironically on his cell phone ring:less acceptable. Boy 2 - took me to Korean Karaoke. Wanted to make out at stoplights. Lives with his parents. Liked my ears. Creepy liking of the ears. Yeah.) and I want to run screaming, one that I politely turned down (cute, into Retro, talked about souls. Yeah.), one that said he'd call (and hopefully won't - way more interested in my job than me. Yeah, who knew?), and one who's very cute, sly and sarcastic and laconic and lives way the fuck and gone but texted me for another date. We shall see. I fear it's like my yearly crochet enthusiasm. I go at it like gangbusters, then put it away, and forget about it.

I have to learn to trust my instincts though. I've always shied away when anyone moved to fast unless I was incredibly certain of them right away (certain of the attraction, at any rate.) or they had "I will make you miserable" written on their forehead in black sharpie. And despite my current policy of "two dates unless they're throwing the serial killer vibe," I think I'm going to trust myself and only go out again if I'm excited about the guy. Which means I'll have to tell last night's boy that, yes, I had a good time, but I don't think I really do (in retrospect) want to go out again even though I said sure last night to a second date.

2. 30 Rock has eaten my brain. I gobbled down nearly the whole first season to counteract my "can't sleep money clowns 'll eat me" panic dreams of last week, and realized that I don't have the season finale (possibly the last two eps, actually). and have Season 2, but I need the end of S1 and I'm starting to get a little twitchy and desperate.

I realize that I am not the only girl on the internet who recognizes way too much of herself in Liz Lemon!!! But it's… she's not a fuckup in her personal life for the typical reasons, she's just really good at her job, and kind of bad at being the boss except for the parts that she's good and she's having to learn, and she's really bad at saying no, and… I sort of love both her and Jack and well, I might even kind of love crazy Tracey Jordan too because I love his entourage.

3. I also have Season 1 of Mad Men to watch, but when the zombies are already eating your brain, it's hard to commit to something serious.

4. I wrote a snotty letter to an LA Times dance reviewer, got a way defensive response back, replied tempering my own words and explaining myself. And then read the original Out of Office reply that came before his reply and realized he was losing his job due to cut backs at the end of the week. And promptly felt like an asshole. This? This is why I don't want to become one of those people who write crazed letters to the paper. It rarely ends well.


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