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Location:California, United States of America
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absurd abstract art, aeryn sun, american history, ancient history my past, ancient history pliny, anders monson, authority issues, being a media junkie, belly dancing, bob dylan, cat 1, cat 2, cheese edible, cheese fictional, cheese visual, connie willis, cop shows, cops in space, cranky men, crocheted things, dennis lehane, dorothy sayers, elizabeth peters, emma bull, fairy tales figurative, fairy tales literal, fandom on good days, farscape, ink on me, john crichton, kelly link, lefty politics, life as fact, life as fiction, lolcats, lucius vorenus, maps, mark helprin, neil gaiman, other electricities, peter wimsey, popsicles, public radio, radiohead just the bends, rome fictional, rome historical, running from it all, running without being chased, science fiction for people, sex drugs rock n'roll, social revolution, speaks in tongues, stranger things happen, surfers, surfing, television, terry pratchett, the fictional white house, the perfect gin martini, the stand, titus pullo, tomb thumb's blues, why cell phone why, why oh why, why technology defeats me, write it down, writing
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