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I have finally been at home for more than five days, a rarity in the past three months, and am itching to do some writing. However, my past promises to write keep getting broken, so I offer a meme stolen from everyone:

Give me a character and I will tell you...

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
* Something about them I consider true, even though it's only my head canon/fanon

I am woefully out of touch with most of fandom, but odds are I still have opinions on characters I only know peripherally:)

Saturday and Sunday was the LA Times Festival of Books, and while mostly we ambled around not stopping much of anywhere due to a friend's new dog who is learning all about WALKING WHERE THE PEOPLES ARE OMG! I was able to get a ticket to Rainbow Rowell's signing, where I spent $40 on two hardbacks I owned digitally (which were totally worth it - somehow, reading Fangirl in hardback made me love it even more) and got to, however briefly, interact with the completely delightful Ms. Rowell. The booth hosting the signing had printed on the tickets that there would be NO POSED PICTURES, something that was immediately thrown to the winds when RR declared that she'd love to take photos with her fans.

I may have cried when she signed "Eleanor and Park", I won't lie. There was something so delightful about seeing all of these fangirls of all ages (mostly teens and early 20s, but not exclusively) with their shirts and their enthusiasm, and just their general...taking up presence in the worldness that made me nearly as weepy.

I also saw a stunningly beautiful young Muslim woman wearing jeans, a TARDIS t-shirt, boots, and a hijab carrying a copy of "Fangirl". Only the very basics of good manners kept me from asking if I could take her photos.
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