Nov. 18th, 2013

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We went to play Doctor Who trivia last night, and ended up squarely in the middle (in part because there were several tables of 10 people, which seemed a little unfair, except the winners were two cheerful middle aged dudes). But, as if all of the push from BBCA and the media in general wasn't compelling enough, I watched the end of Season 6 again, and I know that it's flawed, and I know Moffat is all over the place on so many things, but none of that dampens my enjoyment of River Song, or of 11. Or of the Ponds. Sigh.

Also, the level of fangirl swag on display was beautiful and astonding - tardis sweaters, and hairbows, and t-shirts. Suspenders and fez's and backpacks. I myself have beautiful "Don't Blink" earrings that my husband bought me for Christmas. It was truly a room filled largely, but not exclusively, with excited,excitable fangirls and it was strange to feel so connected with the source material and so removed from the "fannishness" of it, considering I turned M. into a true convert ( a zealous, emotional convert). But my own fannishness is so rooted in the 11th Doctor, and I don't know why. I'm not much for Clara (although I don't think it's her fault), but I love 11's silliness, profundity, and charm and I love the Ponds, and I love River Song, despite any of the fannish blowback towards Moffat and I cannot wait for Saturday.

I know fandom has moved on to shinier, newer, differently problematic sources (so often ones that continue to involve white dudes writhing around with various other white dudes), but I want to wallow in my nostalgia. I want adventure fic with 11 and River. It has to be out there, right? I'm so out of the loop that any recs would be welcome!

Also, for those of you needing to get folks into a new fandom, but lacking the appropriate resources, I now have a delightful, inexpensive solution for you: Liz Tells Frank: The Skip It Watch It Guides

It is delightful. It is useful. It is the perfect holiday gift. (And I may have a tiny personal investment in it's success:)


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